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Alena is a multi talented American action actress with European decent from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. She has always been a competitive athlete, in college she was a pole-vaulter and on the hip hop dance team for Seattle Pacific University. Her love of movement lead her to become a stunt woman and American Ninja Warrior.

She is well know by her peers for her versatility on set and ability to multi-task. You will notice various projects with multiple credits as an actress, costume designer, stunt woman, and even a make up artist. Performing multiple roles on set never diminishes Alena's quality of work, ethics or positive can do attitude. A team player, she wants the best overall outcome for the project and can creatively elevate any level of set she is working on.

Alena still competes competitively as a professional world class elite athlete in freestyle calisthenics, parkour and ANW inspired leagues between filming productions. She is sponsored by World Freerunning Parkour Federation, FNX supplements, and trains stunts regularly .

Many people know Alena for her work as a professional model in the auto-motive industry. She has worked with the Speed Channel, Ducati, Harley Davidson, MotoGP and many conventions, races and rallys across the US. Alena loves fast custom cars and recently started to learn drifting and got her motorcycle license to add to her repertoire of skills for action films.  One of her hobbies is also shooting firearms.   She has taken many stunt fire arms safety classes as well as advanced self defense and tactical shooting courses.   Alena's acting and modeling career got kicked off doing many runways shows and working  many music video roles as she has always been inspired by music.

Her skills as an artist and love of fashion inspired her to create and design her own online art gallery and clothing labels which she has produced fashion shows for in which she also modeled. Being a strong independent woman, Alena has also become interested in finance, crypto and trading and will soon be minting her own collection of NFTs.

Most importantly, Alena wants to impact the world in a positive way through her work and creations. She is a knowledge seeker humanitarian and plans to write, produce and direct more of her own films that inspire independent thinking and mindfulness. 

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